Produced and performed with:
Victoria Campbell and Ana Alvarez

Red Bull Studios

SoftSkill is a speculative communications agency located at the interface between public and private relations. The platform performs research, consultation, and strategy in the area of profile identity design.

SoftSkill: Mastering Online Performance was launched April 9, 2015. The 3-hour workshop presentation opened with a crash course on user-oriented design and was followed by a live profile audit and participatory consultation. Live users  were asked to identify the narrative structure of audience volunteers profiles on LinkedIn, OK Cupid, Ashley Madison, EHarmony, and many others.

In conjunction with Ryder Ripp’s Alone Together, Together Alone at NY’s Red Bull Studios, SS:MOP mirrored the spatial framework of Ripp’s durational performance, inverting the relationship between labor and performance. Rather than drawing allusions to the means by which immaterial labor practices constitute a social body that is “alone together,” we focused on the realities in which users are together and alone.

Ssmop.com was developed as a responsive platform for softskill sharing and raising public awareness around the demands of online immaterial labor economies.


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