If you were to ask my why, I could only say why not. By the time of its conception I was already gone: high with squinted eyes and a gutted mind. And the more I recall, the less I remember. The one thing I know for certain is that this can only get better with age.         
 -Missy, 2010

In 2010 I won a High Times Magazine campaign as 'Miss May,' earning myself both centerfold status and a VIP slot as an Amsterdam Cannabis Cup judge. To investigate this well-deserved title, I constructed 'Missy,' and documented her experiences using wearable handmade spy cams. In 2012, I re-performed Missy High Times in "A Presentation on Vacation" at Brooklyn's Passion Sports Bar &
Lounge in the first of a year-long performance series. 

Like a drug, the spy cam induces out-of-body experiences. In order to reflect my own documents, I first had to become an observer. The splitting of myself across personas and viewerships was itself an altered state; a perspective on documentation, representation, and the re-telling of both.